MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader


MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader
MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader


As of March 19th, a new Android app is now available for use with the freestyle libre 2. For further details, please contact our online service staff for verification.


May not fit with freestyle libre 2 if you are using an iphone in SA, FR, AU, NZ, CA, US, LU ,CO, NL and UK. 

You can checkout with PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card!

If you have PayPal account:

- Go to the checkout page, log in with your PayPal account and fill out your shipping information to complete the order. 

If you want to charge with your Credit Card:

- Select FasterPay, you will be redirected to FasterPay to complete your purchase.

If you want to charge with your Debit Card:

1. Click "Express checkout" 

2. Click "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" and follow the process to finish your payment.

 Product List:

  • MiaoMiao3    X   1;
  • Charge cable    X   1;
  • Adhesive stickers(8in1)   X   10;



FAQ for MiaoMiao3: 

1. What FreeStyle Libre sensors MiaoMiao1 MiaoMiao2 and MiaoMiao3 support?

Right now, MiaoMiao3 and MiaoMiao2 support all the sensors. However,  different sensors has different apps compatible on different phones. You may check the table below before you purchase MiaoMiao.


2. How to scan your libre ?

When you wear MiaoMiao3, and when you scan with your Libre scanner, make sure that you scan your sensor with the area in the picture below.

3. How to track my shipping information with number starting with EMS?

If you received our email with the tracking number starting with EMS, how can I check the tracking information? We have the procedure to tell you how to do that here.

For more information about MiaoMiao FAQ, please check here, or Contact Us if you have any questions.