How to use MiaoMiao with Glimp?

Before starting this tutorial, make sure you have worn MiaoMiao.

Download and install Glimp(Phone & Watch)

  1. First, download Glimp for android phone in Google Play Store. Click the button below and then follow the notices to install Glimp for Android phone.
  2. Download WearOS in Google Play Store and install it on your android phone. This is for you use android wear watch with Glimp. If you don't have a watch, please ignore this step.


Install Glimp on your android wear watch

If you don't have an android wear watch, please ignore this step.

  1. First, connect to your watch with Wear OS on your watch.(Go to YouTube to find some tutorials)
  2. On your watch, please open Google Play Store and find Glimp then install it.
  3. Select watch face for Glimp.

glimp in watch

If you have done above successfully and Glimp on your phone has received BG data from Miaomiao, you will see BG data on your watch face.

Connect  to Miaomiao

 Before the below steps, please make sure that you have placed Miaomiao on your Libre sensor correctly, you have turned on the Bluetooth and you only have one Miaomiao around of you.

a. Open Glimp on your phone, then click the button upper right corner(three dots)

b. Then click the menu 'Options'

c. Then you will find the menu 'Devices' and click it

d. When you enter the 'Devices' page, you just click 'Search Bluetooth devices' then go back to your homepage you will see some BG data on your homepage screen

If you have an android watch and have done the steps above, you will see BG data on your watch face.


If you want to know more about info about Glimp, please join in their Facebook Group.

Glimp Facebook Group



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