Surprises keep on World Diabetes Day(€15.00 off for miaomiao3 limited to the first 200 purchasers and  €20.00 off for miaomiao1)

1.MiaoMiao3 pre-sale ,The most surprise is you can get a discount of 15.00 .The discount code is WDDMM3(Limited to the first 200 purchasers and only available on November 12 to15, 2021).By the way, The delivery time of miamiao3 will be based on the time of arrival at our warehouse(Around Nov 19)

Note:You may receive a delivery notice in advance, but in fact we will start shipping no earlier than November 19.

2.Anyone can enjoy a discount of €20.00 for ordering miaomiao1 from our official website:www.miaomiao.cool on November 12 to15, 2021 .The discount code is “WDD2021